Frequently Asked Questions

Q?How can I purchase parts for my Colt Firearm?

You can purchase genuine Colt parts through a Colt distributor or from Shop Online, here on the web site.

Q?Are all Walther pistols manufactured in Germany?

The PPQ, PK380, PPS, SP22, P99, P22 and G22 are manufactured in Germany. The PPK and PPK/S-1 are manufactured by Smith & Wesson in their Houlton, Maine plant.

Q?What is an RMA number?

An RMA number stands for “Return Material Authorization” number. We ask that you call the Service Department to receive an RMA number before shipping your firearm in for service. This number allows us to quickly and properly process your firearm.

Q?Will Hevi-Shot or Wingmaster HD damage my Remington shotgun?


When used in modern Remington shotguns, in good working condition, Remington Hevi-Shot or Wingmaster HD will not cause choke wear in low volume usage such as Turkey Hunting. However, cosmetic rub marks will occur. Remington’s guns with fixed full chokes will show similar results.

Remington Hevi-Shot and Wingmaster HD ammunition utilizes our super-tough, high density polyethylene shot container that minimizes contact between shot pellets and the barrel and choke. In addition, the pellets are cushioned at the bottom of the shot container to allow them to flow through the choke more easily.

For waterfowl hunters, where the shell usage is generally much higher, Remington recommends using chokes recommended for steel shot pellets. That is – skeet, IC, modified and full – “lead or steel”.

Q?How do I know if I have purchased an official HK firearm?

There are a lot of look-alike or clone products being sold today that are not produced by HK. Here are some important markings to look for:
German export law requires that “Made in West Germany” or “Made in W. Germany” or “Made in Germany” appear on the firearm. This usually appears on the magazine as well and reads:

Made in W. Germany
HK Inc.
Trussville, AL or Columbus, GA

Older models may say Sterling, Chantilly or Arlington, VA or indicate SACO as the importer. Any other product not marked as above is not an official HK product and is not covered by HKI’s warranty.

Q?How often should the recoil spring be replaced? What recoil spring is used?

Each pistol has its own recommended spring weight and replacement schedule. Please refer to your manual for that specific information. They can be purchased directly through our online store.

Q?Should I lubricate my pistol?

YES! All firearms require lubrication. Please follow your owner’s manual for instructions on proper lubrication. SIG SAUER recommends that you use lubricants specifically designed for firearms applications.

Q?What kind of ammunition should I use in my S&W handgun?

Use only commercially manufactured ammunition with internal ballistic pressures which are in strict accordance with the specifications of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI).

Be certain all ammunition you use complies with the SAAMI specifications. If you are uncertain, contact your ammunition supplier for verification.

Q?How do you engage/disengage the Taurus Revolver Security System?

ENGAGEMENT (Secure) Insert the key into the mechanism and turn clockwise until a click is felt or heard. The mechanism now partially protrudes above the surface of frame or hammer. The action is locked in place and cannot function.

DISENGAGEMENT (Ready-to-Fire) To place the revolver in a firing condition, insert the key into the mechanism and turn it counter-clockwise. The mechanism is now virtually flush with the surface. The revolver can now be fired.